About Us

Statement of Practice – We are not medical doctors, licensed physicians, or registered dieticians. We are wellness consultants and bio-energetic practitioners, advocates of natural health and wellness. We promote the practice of healthful living for the enhancement of wellness. The bio-energetic and natural assessment techniques with recommendation of natural products and advocacy of healthy life styles are not substitutes for medical and/or dietary treatment of disease.

We work in an effort to balance the energy meridians of the body, including the biological terrain and the immune system. However, the implementation of any lifestyle changes or stress reduction techniques, as well as the use of homeopathic, herbs, vitamins, minerals or foods that one might use or avoid, in an attempt to balance the body and it’s meridians are not prescribed treatments or courses of therapy but recommendations designed to stimulate the body to make such changes on its own. It is up to each individual to decide if such approaches are appropriate for them and must be based entirely upon their own free will and choice.