About Us


A note about myself – I began my professional career as a Special Educator working with autistic and emotionally challenged children. As much as I loved these children, I felt a need to be more hands on with making permanent change in their lives. This lead me to Occupational Therapy and the knowledge of Sensory Integration to support and change their nervous system. As an OT I worked in a small community hospital for several years working in all areas of OT from psychiatric, inpatient, outpatient, developed a children’s program and eventually became a supervisor. Again needing to be more hands on with making permanent change in all peoples lives I was introduced to Health Kinesiology. This began my passion for Holistic Medicine. My journey has enhanced my intuition and taken me from using crystals and magnets in a small home office 28 years ago, to my recent training as a Bio Resonance Practitioner. My knowledge extends to homeopathy, herbs, nutrition, kinesiology and even dowsing. All my tools have given me a unique ability to work with someone’s innate intelligence, find the imbalances, and offer recommendations to bring you back into balance. The most valid source of information is from you and the Bio Resonance training and Kinesiology gives me a key to help unlock this knowledge.

The more you learn about your mind and body, how they work and what is beneficial for you, the easier it is to create the life you want!

BS Degree in Rehabilitation
Licensed Occupational Therapist
Certified Heath Kinesiologist
Graduate International College of BioEnergetic Medicine
Certified Bio Meridian Practitioner
Certified Bio Resonance Practitioner
Certified Emotion Code, Body Code
Trained in Emotional Freedom Technique
Reiki Master, Dowser, Geobiologist

Statement of Practice – We are not medical doctors, licensed physicians, or registered dieticians. We are wellness consultants and bio-energetic practitioners, advocates of natural health and wellness. We promote the practice of healthful living for the enhancement of wellness. The bio-energetic and natural assessment techniques with recommendation of natural products and advocacy of healthy life styles are not substitutes for medical and/or dietary treatment of disease.

We work in an effort to balance the energy meridians of the body, including the biological terrain and the immune system. However, the implementation of any lifestyle changes or stress reduction techniques, as well as the use of homeopathic, herbs, vitamins, minerals or foods that one might use or avoid, in an attempt to balance the body and it’s meridians are not prescribed treatments or courses of therapy but recommendations designed to stimulate the body to make such changes on its own. It is up to each individual to decide if such approaches are appropriate for them and must be based entirely upon their own free will and choice.