There are many different branches of kinesiology and they all use the same tool- muscle testing. Muscle testing is a gentle non-invasive procedure involving the practitioner applying gentle pressure, most often to an isolated muscle on the arm, to test the response of the underlying muscle. The muscle will either be able to easily resist the pressure or will give way. The practitioner can then use these responses to access information about what is going on and what is needed to rebalance the body. The different branches of kinesiology are all taught to interpret these responses for evaluation and then test the appropriate treatment methods based on the individuals needs. Two clients may have similar symptomology but their treatments may test totally different as there bodies underlying cause, strengths, and weaknesses may be very different. An individualized program will be developed each and every time.

Kinesiology has been successful in helping people with physical, psychological, or intellectual difficulties. It can also be used to enhance and improve goals such as sports or educational goals. Nutritional counseling and food sensitivities are commonly identified using this technique.

Meridian Stress Assessment

What is Meridian Stress Assessment?

MSA marries the ancient modality of acupuncture (and its scientifically proven points and organ pathways called meridians) with homeopathy and computerized biofeedback. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for over 5,000 years, homeopathy hundreds of years and this technology for over 50 years. However, it’s only been in the last 20 years that the use and development of MSA systems has grown exponentially. This is mostly due to advancements in computer technology and people’s thirst for supportive alternative healthcare options.

What is the Qest4 or Asyra?

The Qest4 or Asyra (an older model, same programs) is a Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) tool; a state-of- the-art automated bio-resonance equipment.

How does it work?

A safe, painless micro amp is introduced to the body through the hands. The current follows the acupuncture meridians/pathways penetrating the cellular structures of the body’s organs, glands, and other tissues. This energy travels through healthy and imbalanced tissues very differently. What stress the current encounters is measured and sent back to the computer to reflect s information about the individual being tested.
The program searches through the system’s database until a specific item or remedy is found that will bring the energy of the imbalanced tissue back to balance. The concept of energetic resonance is applied here. The Qest4 database is programmed with many frequencies of specific biological substances (everything from healthy tissue to pathogens) so it sheds light not just on current function but also on whether the body is being impacted by the energy of specific organisms and if so, the degree to which they are taking a toll. (Please see the list below that details the range of assessments available on the Qest4 system).

I interpret the data and use the system’s hardware to create individualized “imprints” (similar homeopathic remedies) for each client. These imprint drops are taken over the course of 3-6 weeks and support the body’s return to a state of homeostasis and wellbeing. The system also identifies which supplements will help in this effort. Each client receives an electronic copy of their scans, a schedule to guide supplement use, and my support as needed. Healing is not always a smooth, straight path.

How can the Qest4 help me?

Although it sometimes seems so, illness doesn’t just happen to us out of the blue. Generally the terrain of our body weakens over time with improper food and stress. Or perhaps we are habitually living out of alignment with our True self and the constant dissatisfaction wears on the immune system. Regardless, our bodies are the ultimate biofeedback generators and give us constant information as to the current balance of body, mind, and spirit. An imbalance in our bodies can manifest symptoms in a variety of vague and very individual ways.
That’s where the Qest4 comes in! What sets it apart is the fact that it can measure the subtle function of the body and bring back balance even before a pattern manifests as a physical illness. It excels at both the prevention and the support and maintenance of optimal wellbeing on all energetic levels: physical, emotional, spiritual.

Are you frustrated with simply chasing symptoms? Would you like to experience your wellbeing as deeply vital and vibrant? We’ll begin by identifying which systems are stressed or weakened. Then causational issues will be addressed with herbs, supplements, and imprint drops so you can begin making real progress towards your wellness goals!

Qest4 functional assessments include:

Allergies (Including food, environmental, & phenolic sensitivities)
Chemical Toxicities
Circulatory Disturbances
Digestive imbalances
Emotional imbalances
Hormonal & reproductive issues
Inherited/genetic factors
Joint/Connective tissue
Infection issues
Metabolic Disturbances
Neurotransmitter Imbalances
Nutritional Deficiencies
Immune (pathogenic influences)
Respiratory Issues
Skin Afflictions
Sleep Disturbances
Organ and Glandular imbalances
And More…
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Scar Therapy

A scar is a mark left in the skin by the healing of a wound or surgical incision in which the normal functional tissue (skin) is replaced by connective tissue (scar).

After a large deep wound has occurred to the skin, both skin cells and connective tissue cells (fibroblasts) begin multiplying to repair the damage. The fibroblasts form a framework upon which the skin cells can migrate into and fill in the wound. In order for a wound to heal properly several things need to happen. First the body needs protein and proper nutrition to make new tissue. In addition topical oils such as calendula and vitamin E oils will also help minimizing scar tissue formation.

Many negative unseen factors may be occurring if the above is not sufficient. After someone has had a surgery there are often scars or adhesions that have not healed completely. Visual clues are the angry red or discolored scar weeks after the surgery. This is often due to toxins in the tissues or energy blockages in the meridian flow at the incision site. As the wound heals these toxins or blockages are sometimes incorporated into the scar tissue preventing a complete re-establishment of the original integrity of the membranes. The resulting scars and adhesions become disturbance fields where normal energy flow is disrupted. This often causes a reflex in the energy through that meridian. A reflex is misdirected energy that can sometimes result in referred pain or other symptomology elsewhere in the body!

Treatment should begin with good nutrition, prior to a surgery is ideal. Following a wound or incision laser pen treatments may be used over the site. In addition applying flower essences or a specific complex homeopathic on or near the site can be used especially if pain and emotion are involved (as most are). For an older scar the use of mud packs or zeolite cream work extremely well to re-establish a flow through these pathways. These methods are utilized until a clear testing of the site shows the incision is healed and the flow is open. Additional support remedies for drainage and clearing of toxins would also be tested for depending on the circumstances. Much of the therapy can be done at home with proper instruction and tools.

Emotional Healing

The balance of the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the body’s health in any individual is of extreme importance. The mental and emotional factors are stored in our cellular memory. These frequencies that are stored are broadcasted (so to speak) within the cellular structures. Healing these negative emotional vibrations is a science beyond the scope of this introduction. What I have found to be useful in our scope of practice I will share with you briefly below.

Flower essence remedies use blossoms of wild flowers, shrubs, and trees. The remedies contain the life force in the plant. Their healing energies simply lift our vibrations and unblock the channels within our minds so that we can approach life more positively and with a return to more balance. It allows the body’s own healing processes to begin. The remedies help us to help ourselves. The original flower essences were founded by Dr. Bach, “Bach Flower Essences”.

Energy Tapping Techniques utilize your own body’s energy system to better manage your life. Based on the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture and meridian pathways, this technique utilizes tapping to stimulate the pathways and make change in the body. You learn a simple tapping method of two fingers on specific points on your body. Once you understand the process and the location of the meridian points you will learn how you can cope with or eliminate problems that you have struggled with. There are several types of energy tapping techniques but for more information refer to “Emotional Freedom Technique”. You will read about such people as George Goodheart, John Diamond, and Rodger Callahan that have contributed to this type of healing. Gary Craig founder of Emotional Freedom Technique has several on line resources and free information available.

Homeopathy started with listening to and observing the sufferings of the ill person, then looked for a “similar” homeopathic remedy, a remedy that brings about the same symptoms in a healthy person. The “father of homeopathy” Hahnemann tested natural substances taken from the plant, mineral, and animal worlds that make up the environment and gave these to healthy volunteers. The volunteers then logged all the symptoms brought on by these remedies. This test is known as proving the remedy. It is from these provings that the homeopathic material medica is constructed. For each homeopathic remedy there is a dominant idea representing the problem which the individual is confronting at the unconscious level. The whole range of physical and mental symptoms is covered in this way. This type of healing approach is profound and used successfully for many types of emotional imbalances.

As we know from many sources the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies are all connected in ways beyond our true knowledge. It is you who must truly find the best way to learn more about who you are and how best to heal yourself. Explore and gather information, reestablish the balance, and regain your health!