Adrenal Fatigue Quick Check

( ) Difficulty getting up in the morning

( ) Continuing fatigue, not relieved by sleep and reset

( ) Lethargy, lack of energy to do normal daily activities

( ) Sugar craving

( ) Allergies

( ) Digestion problems

( ) Increased effort needed for everyday tasks

( ) Decreased interest in sex

( ) Decreased ability to handle stress

( ) Increased time needed to recover from illness, injury or traumas

( )Light-headed or dizzy when standing up quickly

( ) Low mood

( ) Less enjoyment or happiness with life

( ) Increased PMS

( ) Symptoms worsen if meals are skipped or inadequate

( ) Thoughts are less focused, brain fog

( ) Memory is poorer

( ) Decreased tolerance for stress, noise, disorder

( ) Don’t really wake up until after 1O:OOam

( ) Afternoon low between 3:00pm and 4:00pm

( ) Feel better after dinner

( ) Get a “second wind in the evening, and stay up late

( ) Decreased ability to get things done – less productive

( ) Have to keep moving- ifl stop, I get tired

( ) Feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to be done

( ) It takes all my energy to do what I have to.

Important things to do and not to do to recover from adrenal fatigue:


*Pushing yourself to exhaustion

*Sugar, caffeine, & junk food

*Skipping meals

*Eating carbohydrates by themselves

*Staying up late and catching your “second wind”

*Arising early if you don’t have to

*Food that you react to or are allergic to

*Drinking sodas, coffee, alcohol, juice

*Making someone else responsible for you health

*People who steal your energy

*Taking care of everyone and everything else

*Feeling guilty about caring for yourself

*Excessive seriousness

*”The grind”*Aggressive exercise


*Pace yourself

*Eat real, whole, fresh foods

*Be compassionate and kind to yourself

*Eat every two hours

*Eat a combination of carb, fat, and protein

*Get to bed by 10:00-ll:OOpm

*Sleep unti17:00-8:00am when possible

*Eat balanced, nutritious food

*Drink water, herbal teas

*Become empowered and informed about your health

*Be with people who are concerned for your wellbeing and are helpful in your recovery

*Take care of and nurture yourself

*Find an inner balance and sense of peace with taking care of yourself

*Find things that make you laugh

*Do things you enjoy

*Mild to moderate exercise