Healing Template Yoga Poses

Healing template yoga poses

Listed below are three yoga poses for each phase of the six phase healing template. The suggestion is to hold each pose for one minute. While in the first phase you can start with just the first three poses and then build over time and as you advance through the healing template.

Phase 1: Digestion:

1. Sit in comfortable position and begin to breath, elongating breath

2. Cat-cow (www.ebmyoga.com)

3. Child’s pose (www.abc-of-yoga)

Phase 2: Neuro-Communication

1. Tadasna- Mountain pose (www.ebmyoga.com)

2. Opposite knee to elbow (www.audioyoga.com)

3. Tree pose (www.ebmyoga.com)

Phase 3: Adrenal and Liver tonification

1. Down dog/walk the dog (www.abc-of-yoga)

2. Standing forward bend (www.ebmyoga.com)

3. Standing twists and tap adrenals (www.yogaforbeginners.com)

Phase 4: Detoxification

1. Standing inhalations using arm movements (www.yogasite.com)

2. Standing side bends (www.abc-of-yoga.com)

3. Chair pose (www.abc-of-yoga.com)

Phase 5: Cellular Repair

1. Child’s pose (www.abc-of-yoga.com)

2. Happy baby (www.yinyoga.com)

3. Savasna (www.abc-of-yoga.com)

Phase 6: Healthy Maintenance

1. Whole series all the way through two times a week